The signing of the preliminary treaties in Paris marked the end of the golden age of trade, and the Kingdom is faced with new problems, both internal and external. Christian VII's insanity made him incapable of bringing any decisions and with the state in crisis, the future of the Kingdom is unclear. The old ministries since the fall of Struensee have proved inefficient and with the crown prince's coming of age a new coup d'état is nearing. Denmark should not get entangled in Russia's diplomatic affairs that easily and should, when the time is right, discuss other options, but for now Sweden is a major threat and Russian assistance a necessity.

Gustav III has set his eyes on Norway and is trying to bring Denmark in a state of complete isolation so good relations and alliances are a key to safety. Gustav is already mobilizing all his available forces so expect an attack very soon.

Concluding trade treaties with nations like the Kingdom of Sicily, Portugal and Spain will provide new resources and help boost your economy. Although currently at peace, the Barbary States pose a constant threat to Denmark's trade routes so building a strong navy to protect those routes is beneficial.

It is important you pay close attention to the events in India, as old combatants in their battling will be too busy to watch the activities of the Danish East India Company and their mutual bombarding may serve to you as an opportunity to expand the company's influence. The European equilibrium is threatened and how Denmark will adapt to the new changes is up to you.

Historical Characters:


  1. Konge: Christian VII
  2. Statsminister: Ove Høegh-Guldberg
  3. Deputeret i Finanskollegiet: Joachim Otto von Schack-Rathlou
  4. Deputeret i Kancelliet: Bolle Willum Luxdorph
  5. Deputeret i Generalitetskollegiet: Hans Henrik von Eickstedt
  6. Deputeret i Admiralitetskollegiet: Joachim Godske Moltke
  7. Andreas Peter greve von Bernstorff
  8. Ernst lensgreve von Schimmelmann
  9. C.D.F. lensgreve Reventlow
  10. Heinrich Wilhelm von Huth
  11. Frederik Christian Rosenkrantz


  1. Carl landgreve af Hessen (starting general)
  2. Georg Frederik von Krogh (starting general)
  3. Johann von Ewald (starting general)
  4. Frederik von Haxthausen (recruit before 1795)
  5. Frederik hertug af Wirttemberg (no recruitment limitations)
  6. Valentin von Berger (do not recruit before 1784)
  7. Ernst Peymann (no recruitment limitations)
  8. Joachim Castenschiold (do not recruit before 1788)


  1. Frederik Christian Kaas (starting admiral)
  2. Johan Olfert Fischer (recruit before 1792)
  3. Steen Andersen Bille (recruit before 1796)
  4. Lorentz Fisker (recruit before 1798)
  5. Hans lensbaron Holsten (no recruitment limitations)
  6. Hans Christian Sneedorff (no recruitment limitations)
  7. Carl Wilhelm Jessen (recruitable from 1784 onwards)
  8. Michael Bille (recruitable from 1789 onwards)
  9. Simon Hooglant (starting admiral)


  1. Carsten Niebuhr (starting gentleman)
  2. Henrik Gerner
  3. Johan Andreas Cramer
  4. Christian Ulrich von Eggers
  5. Børge Riisbrigh
  6. Thomas Bugge
  7. Frantz Hohlenberg


  1. Peter Anker (starting envoy)
  2. Otto von Blome
  3. Niels Rosenkrantz
  4. Christopher Vilhelm Dreyer


  1. Friedrich Münter
  2. Frederik Plum
  3. Christian Bastholm

Unit roster:


cav icons denmark

  • General og Staben
  • Livgarden til Hest
  • Rytter=Livregimentet
  • Det lette Dragon=Livregiment
  • Rytter=Regiment
  • Dragon=Regiment
  • Regiment lette Dragoner
  • Husar Regimentet
  • Bosniaken


denmark infantry icons

  • Livgarden til Fods
  • Det Danske Liv=Regiment
  • Det Norske Liv=Regiment
  • Danske Infanterie Regiment
  • Norske Infanterie Regiment
  • Dansk Grenadiers
  • Norsk Grenadiers
  • Skarpskytter
  • Det Siellandske Jægercorps
  • Det Norske Jægercorps
  • Det Slesvigske Jægercorps
  • Siellandske Bataillon let Infanterie
  • Den Slesvig=Holsteenske Bataillon let Infanterie
  • lette Infanterier Grenadiers
  • Norsk Skiløbercorps
  • Landeværn
  • Det Østindisk Europæisk Infanterie Regiment
  • Cipajen Corpset


denmark artillery icons

  • Dansk 3-pund Artillerie
  • Norsk 3-pund Artillerie
  • Dansk 6-pund Artillerie
  • Norsk 6-pund Artillerie
  • Dansk 12-pund Artillerie
  • Dansk 20-pund haubits
  • Dansk 6-pund monteret Artillerie
  • Norsk 6-pund monteret Artillerie
  • Det Østindisk Artillerie Regiment