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March 10, 2024

Flag Poland

The paralysis of the Commonwealth caused by the uninterested rule of Augustus III and then the armed rising of the Bar Confederacy have furthered the internal crisis and the future is not very optimistic. Russia is now stronger than ever before so you may want to reconsider declaring war. Your vassal, the Duchy of Courland, is nothing more than a dead letter and is inclined to follow Catherine II's instructions.

The anti-Polish views and hatred towards the Polish people will die with Frederick II, and the future king of Prussia has quite different views and an aggressive anti-Russian attitude. If you were to somehow prevent the "alliance of the three black eagles" from happening, Poland would surely buy more time to manoeuvre its way to the courts of Europe and plead for assistance. Prussia has already drifted away from Russia and allying with them might be a start. Hostilities between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire are high and an escalation of war is still a possibility. The Ottoman Empire is certain to wage war against Russia and will ally itself with Russia's natural enemy, Sweden. Good relations with the Sultan and Gustav III could be useful.

Try consolidating your ties with Great Britain, but remember it is not the king who declares war, but rather the parliament and the British are not willing to enter war with depleted funds for some distant eastern state. There is always the option to ally yourself with Russia and hope for protection, however, this would cause serious imbalance and Poland may find itself torn between the west and east and its territories turned into battlefields.

The Commonwealth will either face complete annihilation or freedom for its people. One wrong move and the partition might start sooner than expected. The last partition cost you one-third of your land mass and cut off your foreign trade. It will not be easy doing anything without Russia noticing. Act swiftly and you just might survive.

Thanks to Жук we can include his submod into our mod. So take a look at our new Polish army:

Polish army collage

Here are some more plates for some of the new units:

7 Regiment Pieszy Litewski and Litewska Artyleria:

7 Regiment Pieszy Litewski Litewska Artyleria

Regiment Gwardii Konnej Litewskiej and Regiment Gwardii Pieszej Litewskiej

Regiment Gwardii Konnej Litewskiej Regiment Gwardii Pieszej Litewskiej

Regiment Pieszy Koronny Królewicza and Koronna Brygada Kawalerii Narodowej

Regiment Pieszy Koronny Królewicza Koronna Brygada Kawalerii Narodowej

Pułk Wiernych Kozaków and Koronni Strzelcy Celni

Pułk Wiernych Kozaków Koronni Strzelcy Celni

But commanding an army will not help you govern the Commonwealth. To be able to govern you need some politicians and administrators who can also pacify your unruly nobility.

Take a look at the men who lead Poland:

Polish Government

King: Stanisław II
  1. Konsyliarz Departamentu Interesów Cudzoziemskich: Michał Poniatowski
  2. Konsyliarz Departamentu Skarbowego: Stanisław Poniatowski
  3. Konsyliarz Departamentu Sprawiedliwości: Jacek Małachowski
  4. Konsyliarz Departamentu Wojskowego: Szczęsny Potocki
  5. Konsyliarz Departamentu Policji: Michał Mniszech
  1. Ignacy Potocki
  2. Adam książę Czartoryski
  3. Stanisław Potocki
  4. Stanisław Małachowski
  5. Hugo Kołłątaj

So, as you can see, with your help, Poland is not yet lost!

Our next developer's blog will feature the United Provinces.

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