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Imperial Splendour - Rise of the Republic v1.3 - Beta Testing Program

March 01, 2024

Hello everyone,

today's blog is about beta testing. With 1.3 we want to deliver a version as stable as possible. And that's why we need you. Creating new content and testing doesn't work at the same time. So if you want to help in creating RotR 1.3 you can apply for testing. Currently, we are planning different stages for testing to get rid of the annoying campaign CTDs.

In the first stage, the new ancillaries will be disabled.

In the second phase, the new ships will be disabled.

At last, you have to try out Large Address Aware.

But before applying we would like you to take a look at the requirements for testing:

What are the requirements you need to fulfil as a beta tester?

  1. You need to have a Discord account. Any files will be distributed via Discord.
  2. You would need to have time. Without time you can not test.
  3. There will be several phases of testing. Most are related to campaign stability. We need you to play a campaign with one faction in every phase (every tester shall test one faction) and report any CTDs you encounter.
  4. The CTD reports have to be specific. You shall specify if the CTD did occur during battle or campaign. If it's a campaign CTD we need you to specify when exactly the crash happened (during which factions turn).
  5. You have to try to find a workaround for a campaign crash (did reloading the save help? / Did doing some diplomacy help?).
  6. Furthermore, we need you to take a look at our new ships. Are there any weird textures, does the rigging fit, do the sails work and are no people jumping into the water?
  7. Do not publish any undisclosed work and files without our explicit approval.

So if you (want to) fulfil the requirements you can apply at Discord by following this link:

Keep in mind that our testing program is not an early access, depending on the stage we actively disable content to fix bugs.

Thanks for reading this blog and until soon!


Imperial Splendour team.

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