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Imperial Splendour - Rise of the Republic v1.3 - February Developers Blog

February 22, 2024

As you may have noticed, last weekend we didn't publish any news. We didn't stop modding, we just decided, that this blog post would be better to present our most recent progress.

At first, the final Savoyard units are done, the royal and regimental artillery crews:

Savoyard Royal Artillery

Piedmontese Regimental Artillery

Sardinian Regimental Artillery

Here are close-ups of some units from the Kingdom of Sardinia, the Knights of Saint John and the Duchy of Tuscany:

Kingdom of Sardinia - Guard Grenadier and Fusilier:

Kingdom of Sardinia - Guard Grenadier Kingdom of Sardinia - Guard Fusilier

Kingdom of Sardinia - Marine and Line Infantry Fusiliers:

Kingdom of Sardinia - Marine Fusilier Kingdom of Sardinia - Line Infantry Fusiliers

Knights of Saint John - Line Infantry Grenadier and Fusilier:

Knights of Saint John - Line Infantry Grenadier Knights of Saint John - Line Infantry Fusilier

Duchy of Tuscany - Guardia Nobile a Cavallo, Cavalleggeri (Medium Cavalry), Guardia a Piedi di Toscana and Artiglieria Toscana:

Guardia Nobile a Cavallo Duchy of Tuscany - Cavallegeri - Medium Cavalry Duchy of Tuscany - Guard Infantry Duchy of Tuscany - Artiglieria Toscana

New music (and instruments):

Hannover will get a new custom drum and a buglehorn for the light infantry. The Brunswick units will also get a new drum. Furthermore, we added a lot of new sounds created by Tonnes from the ETW II - team. Listen to the new drumrolls and bugle calls with the new drum and the buglehorn in the videos below:

You can take a closer look at the new Hanoverian bulgehorn on sketchfab too:

Hanoverian buglehorn by QuintusHortensiusHortalus on Sketchfab

Furthermore, we work on the UI too. RotR will get a new main menu background. Also, the battle selection screen got an update:

battle selection screen

And the flag of the United Provinces is now the Statenvlag:


In our next blog, we'll present you the current state of Poland!

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