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Glorious First of June Developers Blog

June 01, 2020

Today is the 226th anniversary of the Glorious First of June. Is there any better day to present the British Naval officers?

Here they are, long-awaited British Naval officers in the 1787 uniform regulation uniforms:

British Naval Officers

To left is the lieutenant, in the middle the admiral (vice-admiral to be precise, he has two rows of gold lace on his cuffs) and to the right is the captain (full-captain, meaning he has three years seniority on the list).

To see a real coat of a full-captain follow this link to the Royal Museums Greenwich - National Maritime Museum

These are the officers in-game:

in-game admiral

in-game captain

That's not all news for Great Britain. We will also look into the British units in the Americas in order to avoid that Great Britain can spawn huge amounts of well-trained units. During making this, new British colonial units will be provided as the West India Regiments:

West India Regiment idle

And here they are in action:

West India Regiment in action

The recruitment of those units recruited from the black slave on the plantations is restricted to the West Indies and on every island, you can recruit a few. According to 18th century society, the regiments are commanded by white officers.

Furthermore here are all new generic European building models which are currently completed in will be in the next update:

Generic Building Models by QuintusHortensiusHortalus on Sketchfab

Finally, I have some news about the followers, each will get its little icon. Here you can see some:

Followers 1

Followers 2

Some are caricatures (especially by Thomas Rowlandson and William Hogarth) and some are paintings or sketches, we hope you like them.

And Imperial Splendour - Rise of the Republic has won the 2019 Modding Awards at Total War Center (furthermore I (Quintus Hortensius Hortalus) was awarded the 3rd place as Favourite modder)!

2019 ma musket large

Thank you for your patience and voting for us (and me)!

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