Play Empire: Total War the way it should have been. The historically accurate visuals and a soundtrack of contemporary composers transport you into the time of the revolutionary wars. Trade with the historical factions, go to war with historical generals, command armies in historically accurate uniforms. But don’t forget: A reworked Campaign and Battle AI make the Great Campaign more challenging. It will not be easy for you to impose onto the world your Imperial Splendour.

Flag of ChurhannoverChurhannover

The elector George III has not visited the homeland of his father prince Frederic and grandfather George II. In fact Hannover is ruled by London and its privy council at home. Because of that split the ruling noble families dominate the politics in Hannover.
Hannovers economy is based on agriculture and the tariffs of the trade routes passing through the Hanoverian lands on its excellent streets and rivers such as the Elbe.

Furthermore the new founded university by George II has become one of the intellectual centres in Germany. It attracted intellectual as Lichtenberg, Pütter or Kästner.

But do not underestimate the strength of the Hanoverian army. At the end of the Seven Years War Hannover fielded an army of around 50.000 soldiers.
Today, the cavalry rides well bred horses and has a high level of training as well as the artillery and infantry. The training is even provided by the officers and not the NCO’s as in other factions.
How well the Hanoverian can fight they have shown recently in Gibraltar under Elliott and in India. In addition brilliant young officers such as Scharnhorst or Charles von Alten are the future of the Hanoverian army if you are willing to replace the old officer corps.

So you have to decide: shall you take the risk and leading Hannover to independence from Great Britain or will you stay loyal and may be dragged into the next war for Britain’s glory while staying under Britannia’s protection?

Flag of DenmarkDenmark

Work in progress

Flag of FranceFrance

As France lost most of its colonies during the Seven Year war, your economy is essentially due to your own money production (taxes and Industry) and your commercial relations with other countries, however the Enlightenment had an impact on the low classes, they want to share the same destiny as USA, so if you want to stay under a French Monarchy the thing will be difficult cause if you decrease taxes, your economy will become a bottomless pit, so try to balance your economy and the happiness of your lower classes.

If you think that the Revolution is an easy way, let me tell that you’re wrong, cause even if you wouldn’t have difficulties with other countries under a Monarchy you will have some troubles to make them admitting your new regime and most of them will declare war to you, good luck. \nAlso you will be faced to other problems, the loyalists troops and black slaves wait to declare the civil war if you push too far the Republican idealism by the technology tree.

The challenge fighting under the Republicans or the king flags are equal, just find the way that you prefer.

Flag of Great BritainGreat Britain

Your economy is only based on your trade roads, from the colonies or other factions, Britain has to maintain a good relationship with others or has to build a solid colonial Imperialism in danger since the American Revolution.

At the West, the United States are a danger for the American colonies and Iroquois confederation is not enough powerful to resist against the new raising nation, you have to act quickly if you want to keep Canada. At the East, the war between Mughals and Marathas is almost over and the winner will probably ask supremacy on the British East India Company territories.

The advantages playing Britain is the possibility of a larger colonial roster compared to the other colonial factions due to a less restricted recruitment limit, supplied by marine troops (Line, Grenadier and Light Infantries) which can be recruited on the American coastal territories and local auxiliary units (Native American units, Black Slave, Sepoys), however their upkeep cost us pretty high so be careful to a good enough economy to support your colonial expeditions.\n\nIf one your trade road is blocked you will have the chance to review the economic issues from the original IS (in clear it will be difficult not to have a game over), so be careful to secure those and to have good diplomatic relations with the other factions…

Flag of PrussiaPrussia

Work in progress

Flag of RussiaRussia

Work in progress

Flag of SaxonySaxony

Work in progress

Flag of SwedenSweden

Work in progress

Flag of United States of AmericaUnited States of America

US Army:

First, the bad news: The US unit rooster will be very limited at the start of the campaign.
Now, the good news. You will have greater variety of light infantry units to recruit than European factions. The US campaign will be very challenging!

Compared to other fractions in Imperial Splendour the United States will have just one of the three eras. However, it will be split into two distinct time periods.
After the the American War of Independence the Continental Army was disbanded and the regular United States army had a strength of only 1 regiment. This “early” late era will be a period where your access to regular army units will be limited. It may be advisable that you not start a war with anyone!
As you developed your technology and knowledge, you will be able to recruit the Legion of the United States; a well trained army capable of fighting in open terrain and along the American frontier.
Furthermore, you will have historical generals like Nathanael Green, Anthony Wayne and Arthur St. Clair.


At start of the campaign you have access to the historical government of the United States:

President: Elias Boudinot
Secretary of State: Robert R. Livingston
Secretary of the Treasury: Robert Morris
Attorney General: Thomas McKean
Secretary of War: Benjamin Lincoln
Secretary of the Navy: Gouverneur Morris

1st: George Washington
2nd: John Adams
3rd: Thomas Jefferson
4th: Alexander Hamilton
5th: Henry Knox


The United States will have their own army and philosophy techtrees to represent the unique development of the United States during the late 18 century.

Philosophy tech-tree:
The Philosophy Techtree is divided into 4 different parts. At first there is the scientific advance like “Learned Society”. The 2nd part are general political ideas like the “Federal System” and consequently the 3rd the acts to transform the ideas into laws and politics. Finally the 4th are economic ideas and measures.

1.2 Social Contract
2.1 Empiricism
3.2 Separation of Powers
4.1 Encyclopedie
5.2 Common Government
6.1 Learned Society
6.2 Declaration of Independence
6.3 Virginia Declaration of Rights
7.2 Articles of Confederation
8.1 Scientific Method
8.2 Federalism
8.4 National Bank
9.2 Constitution
9.3 Judiciary Act
9.4 Coinage Act
10.2 Alien and Sedition Acts

Army Techtree:
As the US did not launch a great army or great army reforms in the late 18th century your option are limited here:

6.1 Continental Army
7.2 Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States
8.1 First American Regiment Resolution
10.1 Legion of the United States
11.1 Militia Acts
12.3 Military Academy

Be aware that the Constitution is THE keytech for both the philosophy AND army techtree!

At last the United States will have a unique prestige building: The Capitol!

The model is made after the original plans of Dr. William Thornton and does not represent the today’s building.



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