Since the glorious coup d'état in 1772, Gustav III has been struggling to bring back the monarchy to its proper place as the leading body of state. His confrontations with the Riksdag have been closely observed by neighbouring monarchs, who grow fearful and agitated by the events, especially his cousin, Catherine of Russia, who through bribery and corruption greatly influences the decision making in Sweden to prevent it from escaping Russia's hold on it. With idols from Sweden's history, Gustav III is determined to follow the steps of past great Swedish kings.

Breaking the Russo-Danish alliance was of no success so Gustav will have to consider other options. For years he has been examining war preparations with his councillors and searching for new allies that may assist him in his conquest against the anti-Swedish alliance.

Taking Norway will be easy but how long will Sweden be able to keep it is questionable so it would be best to invade Copenhagen first and then force the Crown of Denmark to cede Norway to Sweden. The Ottoman Empire is to weak to fend off Russia by itself so you might be forced to rely on other help, for the right price of course. At the same time, Finland is not to be trusted nor its officers who will if not put under control, rebel against you and take Russia's side.

Europe's equilibrium is greatly disrupted and a time for new powers has come. Will Sweden be one of those leading powers or will it share the fate of Poland? Only time will tell.

Historical Characters:


  1. Kung: Gustav III
  2. Kanslipresident: Ulrik Scheffer
  3. President i Statskontoret: Johan Liljencrantz
  4. Justitiekanslern: Carl Axel Wachtmeister
  5. Statssekreterare vid Krigsexpeditionen: Johan Gustav von Carlsson
  6. Överamiral vid örlogsflottan: Henrik af Trolle
  7. Gustav Philip Creutz (candidate)
  8. Eric Ruuth (candidate)
  9. Carl August Ehrensvärd (candidate)
  10. Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna (candidate)
  11. Carl Lagerbring (candidate)


  1. Johan August Meijerfeldt (starting general)
  2. Anders Rudolf du Rietz (starting general)
  3. Curt von Stedingk (recruit before 1791)
  4. Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt (recruit before 1802)
  5. Gustaf Wachtmeister (recruit before 1802)
  6. Georg Carl von Döbeln (recruit before 1803)
  7. Carl Johan Adlercreutz (recruit before 1802)
  8. Johan August Sandels (recruitable from 1784 onwards)


  1. Karl hertig av Södermanland (starting admiral)
  2. Carl Vilhelm Modée (recruit before 1798)
  3. Johan af Puke (recruit before 1796)
  4. Eric af Klint (no recruitment limitations)
  5. Carl Olof Cronstedt (recruit before 1801)
  6. Salomon von Rajalin (recruit before 1802)


  1. Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (starting gentleman)
  2. Eva Ekeblad
  3. Anders Sparrman
  4. Jonas Carlsson Dryander
  5. Johan Wilcke
  6. Anders Chydenius
  7. Gustaf Fredrik Gyllenborg


  1. Hans Axel von Fersen (starting envoy)
  2. Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein
  3. Ulric Celsing
  4. Gustaf Adam von Nolcken
  5. Göran Ulrik Silfverhielm