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October '20 Developers Blog

October 03, 2020

Preview pic

The last British and generic units for the West Indies are done!

At first the British:

20th (Jamaica) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons:

![Jamaika Light Dragoons](../_img/GB Jamaika Light Dragoons.jpg "Jamaika Light Dragoons")

The 20th (Jamaica) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons was raised in 1792 for service in Jamaica. It saw service in the Second Maroon War. The regiment was equipped with a special helmet similar to French infantry helmets around the revolution. At the front was a badge with the regimental number and the regimental insignia - a crocodile - referring to Jamaica.

Here is the in-game icon:

Jamaika Light Dragoons Icon

The other - and last - British unit is the West Indies Militia artillery. This means in the West Indies you can only recruit some 6 pounder guns with inferior stats. Proper artillery has to be shipped from Europe!

![GB West Indies Militia artillery](../_img/GB West Indies Militia Artillery.jpg "GB West Indies Militia artillery")

And here are the final generic West Indies units:

Generic West India Regiment

![Generic West India Regiment](../_img/Generic West India Regiment.jpg "Generic West India Regiment")

Generic West India Light Dragoons

![Generic West India Light Dragoons](../_img/Generic West India Light Dragoons.jpg "Generic West India Light Dragoons")

Generic West India Militia Artillery

![Generic West India Militia Artillery](../_img/Generic West Indies Militia Artillery.jpg "Generic West India Militia Artillery")

Here are the in-game icons:

Generic West Indies2

Furthermore, I have 2 new buildings for you:

Schloss Lütetsburg by QuintusHortensiusHortalus on Sketchfab

The Schloss Lütetsburg is located in Lütetsburg near Norden in East Frisia in Germany. Attached to the palace is a large English Landscape Garden - the oldest one in Germany and it still exists! Originally a castle was located on the place the palace was erected. The moat is still from the time when the palace was a castle. The castle was destroyed in 1514 and a Rennaisecance palace was built on its place. But at the end of the 17th century, the palace was ailing and the palace I recreated was built. In the 1790s the famous English Landscape Garden attached to the palace was shaped. Nearly 100 years later a Christmas tree fell and the palace burned down. Another palace was built. This new palace shared the same fate and burned down in 1956. So today’s palace is, in fact, a modern building from the 1950s whereas the garden is 160 years older.

It'll serve as the highest level farm building. This is the in-game Empire Total War model:

Lütetsburg ingame

Peter Joseph Krahe - Draft of a Palace by QuintusHortensiusHortalus on Sketchfab

This draft of a palace was made by the architect Peter Joseph Krahe in 1792. I modelled the building after this front plan:

![Front Plan](../_img/front plan.jpg "Front Plan")

from the Städtisches Museum Braunschweig (all credits go to them for the picture, the original can be found here ).

For the colours of the facade, I used the current colour scheme of the Wangenheim Palais in Hannover as it is also a Classicist building and has a certain similarity.

The building serves as generic Governors palace in the Empire Total War mod Imperial Splendour. This is the in-game model:

![Generic Governors Palace](../_img/Generic Governors Palace.png "Generic Governor Palace")

We will keep you posted on our progress!

Thank you for your patience!

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