May Progress Update

June 02, 2019

By Quintus Hortensius Hortalus

As you may have noticed we aimed to release the Nothern Wars Update in April or May. You might have also noticed that this didn't happen. We are sorry but RL got in between our plans. In addition creating the tech-trees takes longer than expected because none of us can speak Danish or Swedish (although German can be helpful in understanding Danish if you speak our the words aloud.

But we didn't do nothing, here are 3 new tech-trees which will be in the next update:

Sachsen Army Tech Tree:

Saxony Army Tech Tree

1.1 Exerzierreglement der Infanterie (infantry drill-book)
1.2 Kadettenkorps (cadet-corps)
1.3 Flintlock
1.4 Exerzierreglement der Cavallerie (cavalry drill-book)
1.6 Conscription
1.7 Cartridge
2.1 August des Starken Exerzierreglement der Infanterie (infantry drill-book)
2.3 Steel Ramrod
2.4 August des Starken Exerzierreglement der Cavallerie (cavalry drill-book)
2.5 Kleiderverordnung (clothing regulations)
2.6 Military Exercises
2.7 Standardized Firearms
3.1 Grenadierkompanien (grenadier companies)
3.7 Freicorps
4.5 Prinz Xaver's Exerzierreglement der Infanterie (infantry drill-book)
4.8 Prinz Xaver's Exerzierreglement der Cavalerie (cavalry drill-book)
5.5 Improved armament
5.7 Light Infantry Tactics
6.7 Scharfschützen (sharpshooters, light infantry units)

Denmark Army Tech Tree:

Denmark Army Tech Tree

1.1 Great Northern War Army
1.3 Flintlock
1.5 Cadet-Corps
1.6 Cartridge
2.3 Steel Ramrod
2.5 Christian VI' Infantry Reform
2.7 Standardized Firearms
2.8 Christian VI' Cavalry Reform
3.7 Frey=Corps
4.5 Saint-Germain's Infantry Reform
4.8 Saint-Germain's Cavalry Reform
5.3 Light Infantry Tactics
5.7 Jæger (Riflemen recruitment)
6.3 Batailloner lette Infanterier (light infantry battalions)
6.4 lette Kavallerier (light cavalry)
6.5 Landeværn (militia)
6.7 Skarpskytter ("sharpshooters", light infantry companies)

Denmark Philosophy Tech Tree:

Denmark Philosophy Tech Tree

1.2 Social Contract
1.3 Kongeloven ("king's law", Danish absolutism)
1.4 Mercantilism
1.5 Enlightenment
1.7 Abolition of the Vornedskab (Abolition of a Danish form of serfdom)
2.2 Separation of Powers
2.5 Encyklopædi
2.6 Sentimentalism
2.7 Stavnsbånd (Introduction of a new kind of serfdom to provide enough farm workers and soldiers who were recruited from the peasantry)
2.8 Asiatisk Kompagni (Danish Asia Company)
3.1 Naturhistorie (Natural History)
3.2 Det Kongelige Danske Skildre-, Billedhugger- og Bygnings-Academie i Kiøbenhavn (Royal Danish Academy of Arts)
3.3 Naturret (Natural Law)
3.5 Kongelige Videnskabernes Selskab (Royal Academy of Sciences)
3.8 Porcelain
4.3 Struensee's Reforms
4.4 National Debt
4.5 Scientific Method
4.7 Revocation of the Struensee's Reforms
4.8 Free Trade Doctrine
5.3 Abolition of the Stavnsbånd
5.4 Classical Economy
5.6 Danish Golden Age

Furthermore myfate is also busy doing a lot of bug fixing! Thanks again for all those reports, without them fixing the bugs wouldn't be possible. At last PikeStance is working on the new AI.


Thank you for you patience!

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PS: Yesterday was the Glorious First of June!


Jacob André Birkemose

June 16, 2019

As a dane, I am so excited for the Northern Wars update. You guys are really going all out with the immersion, implenting the native Danish words. If I may suggest, u should consider rename Danish army tech 5.7 (jægere), 6.3 (let infanteri bataljoner) and 6.4 (let kavaleri) so it is Danish grammar correct. In Denmark philosophy tech-tree, u could change it to following 2.8 (Det Kongelige Danske Skildre-, Billedhugger- og Bygnings-Akademi i København) and 3.5 ( Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab). If you would like, I could maybe help you translate English to Danish. If you wish to take me up on my offer, here is my Discord: Mastermind#6631 and E-mail: I am mostly on Discord, so you will have a higher chance on contacting me there. Keep up the good work guys!

Dennis jason Bago

June 21, 2019

I played the mod for a few months and I am very impressed with the work. keep it up

Quintus Hortensius Hortalus

July 10, 2019

@Dennis jason Bago Thank you very much:) And we attend to do so!