April Preview

April 28, 2019

By Quintus Hortensius Hortalus and oleg2242

Russian Empire: Army, Navy and Diplomacy

With the next update of the Imperial Splendour: Rise of the Republic even more gameplay aspects will be enhanced. In this preview, we will talk about major victory achievement means – Army, Navy and Diplomacy when playing as the Russian Empire.

Let's start from diplomacy first. And from the probably most significant diplomat of the century – Empress Catherine II.

cathrine the great

Being a ruler of Russia for already over than 20 years she gained several powerful traits, which help to keep control and supervision over the endless lands. There is a lot of things to do more, but time is merciless and as soon as she dies, it is necessary to be prepared for major changes in all aspects of the Empire's life.


We introduced new characters' ancillaries based on historical Imperial Russia's award system consisted of seven orders. Catherine received a unique one - with diplomacy bonus. Order of Saint George is commonly given for military victories and heroism only. The other orders are not limited, with traits depending on character type, they will decorate Imperial servants for the honest service. Or for being a favourite of someone.


To adequately react to the challenges given by the constantly changing world, it is needed to keep abreast of the other countries development. This will fall on ambassadors. They will help to gather required information about neighbouring factions' economics and military might via spying networks and ties inside foreign governments. And generally, about things are going on.

diplomat campaign

Ten historical diplomats are ready to serve wherever they will be sent.


But who will care too much about diplomacy when it is possible to crush numerous enemies of the Empire with the army led by the glorious field marshals?


We developed the general's pool, which is a mix of the recruited historical military commanders with different values and importance.


All of them will receive corresponding traits more or less based on their true biography. As the Peter I successfully introduced military governors' system at the beginning of the century, it was the intention to give generals some of the civil traits as well or garrison policing bonus at least. So, some not being really able on the battlefield, could still be appointed for the civilian duties and faithfully serve.

orders campaign

The army is great, but the aims are even greater. It will be mandatory to fight on several war theatres to achieve the victory condition. To be one of the world's greatest naval power is a prestigious and expensive thing, so it is necessary to develop a strong economy first before building a large navy. But further Empire's expansion to the south and south-west requires total control of the Black Sea, and so the powerful Black Sea fleet with a well-trained crew.

info pics ships

The naval roster is completely overhauled and benefits of Russian heavy frigates will be significant.


Similar to diplomats and general, admirals also received their historical characters' pool and awards.


Interests of Empire are not limited to Europe, it is a time to establish a monopoly on the maritime fur trade and to develop and colonize New World territories. Foundation of the Russian-American Company following the example of British and French are inevitable. Next, we will be working on the introduction of military technologies as close as possible to simulate true development. The religious and scientific part will be overviewed as well.

Dano-Norwegian Army

Also with the next update of Imperial Splendour: Rise of the Republic the Dano-Norwegian army is ready to be led by you. Of course, you'll get help from your generals and admirals:

general + admiral

Furthermore this is the roster:


cav icons denmark

  1. General og Staben
  2. Livgarden til Hest
  3. Rytter=Livregimentet
  4. Det lette Dragon=Livregiment
  5. Rytter=Regiment
  6. Dragon=Regiment
  7. Regiment lette Dragoner
  8. Husar Regimentet
  9. Bosniaken


denmark infantry icons

  1. Livgarden til Fods
  2. Det Danske Liv=Regiment
  3. Det Norske Liv=Regiment
  4. Danske Infanterie Regiment
  5. Norske Infanterie Regiment
  6. Dansk Grenadiers
  7. Norsk Grenadiers
  8. Skarpskytter
  9. Det Siellandske Jægercorps
  10. Det Norske Jægercorps
  11. Det Slesvigske Jægercorps
  12. Siellandske Bataillon let Infanterie
  13. Den Slesvig=Holsteenske Bataillon let Infanterie
  14. lette Infanterier Grenadiers
  15. Norsk Skiløbercorps
  16. Landeværn
  17. Det Østindisk Europæisk Infanterie Regiment
  18. Cipajen Corpset


denmark artillery icons

  1. Dansk 3-pund Artillerie
  2. Norsk 3-pund Artillerie
  3. Dansk 6-pund Artillerie
  4. Norsk 6-pund Artillerie
  5. Dansk 12-pund Artillerie
  6. Dansk 20-pund haubits
  7. Dansk 6-pund monteret Artillerie
  8. Norsk 6-pund monteret Artillerie
  9. Det Østindisk Artillerie Regiment

Finally, our team is continuously working on different things such as descriptions, icons, flags, experimenting with game mechanics, etc. just to make it finally possible to submerge in the true atmosphere of the 18th-century world:

campaign selection ships icons diplomacy


At last, we want to answer the question of what still needs to be done before the next release: It's tech-trees, tech-trees, tech-trees... We will keep you posted on any progress.



May 28, 2019

Hello, this might be random, but where did you get the HTML template for the website? Thank you!


May 31, 2019

May Iq ask Something not related to RotR? I just curious about Why Quintus's Custom tech tree for Colonialism 1600AD was not included into the release product (Since 2014 afterward) I mean it is really good, I don’t understand why “Him” decided to not implement it. PS. I know this is wrong, but “Him" would to not answer if I ask.

Quintus Hortensius Hortalus

June 01, 2019

@Anonymous Honestly, I have no idea. I just created them and quit working on Colonialism 1600AD afterwards. You have to ask again.


June 01, 2019

@Quintus Hortensius Hortalus Well than, Seem like you have a bright future after leaving Colonialism 1600 AD behind. As for asking “Him” again. I think it not possible, Since “He" avoids (or maybe “forgot") to answer tech trees question. Since “He" is working on about a late era Submod (Honestly, I think “He" should try to debug the Early era first. Since it buggy as hell.) But anyway I think IS will be prosper, Unlike Colonialism 1600 AD that in constantly decline. Good-luck Sir. -Anonymous

Quintus Hortensius Hortalus

June 02, 2019

@Anonymous Well I was only for the tech-trees in the Colonialism 1600 AD while I began to work on IS too. And thanks:), but I hope we need no luck while working on IS:D