Imperial Splendour - Rise of the Republic - Northern Wars Update Preview

December 30, 2018

By Quintus Hortensius Hortalus

Preview pic


we've got some news for you! During the past few months, we were working on the next version of RotR 1.2 - the Northern Wars Update. It's not done yet but we hope that we get the release done in April / May next year.

As the name suggests RotR 1.2 will be centred around the northern factions - Sweden, Russia and Denmark.

But until then we've something to show you:

Sweden Units

Sweden units

compared to RotR 1.1.9b there are 5 new Swedish units:

  1. Drottningens lif regemente (the 5th unit in the upper line)
  2. Tyska regemente (the last unit in the lower line)
  3. Lifregementets grenadjärkår (the 8th unit in the lower line)
  4. Lifgrenadjärregementet (the 7th unit in the lower line)
  5. Lifregementets lätta bataljon (the 9th unit in the lower line)

The latter three will be unlocked after researching a tech as they were only created after Gustav IV Adolf became king.

And here some in-game screenshots of the new units:

Drottningens lif regemente:
Drottningens lif regemente

Tyska regemente:
Tyska regemente

Lifregementets grenadjärkår:
Lifregementets grenadjärkår


Lifregementets lätta bataljon:
Lifregementets lätta bataljon

Russian Army

Thanks for the great work, oleg2242!

Russian Units

And some in-game screenshot:
Russia in-game


Unicorn Howitzers:
Unicorn Howitzers




Greek volunteers:
Greek volunteers

Small Nations

New small nations will be represented in a new way:

The first is Brunswick. Small nations will have their unique building chain which will only be available at the town where they are located. The unique buildings will have some special all-round effects and are making the units available.

Have a look:
Brunswick building chain

Here some 3D previews:

Collegium Carolinum in Braunschweig by QuintusHortensiusHortalus on Sketchfab

Schloss Salzdahlum by QuintusHortensiusHortalus on Sketchfab

In addition new generic building models will be added:

generic building models

On the left side is the new Guards model, on the top the Gunpowder magazine model (tier 1 artillery model) and on the bottom the new Barracks model.

Furthermore, the historical events have been partly equipped with new historical images:


From left to right:

  1. The Bavarian Illuminati
  2. The Methodist Church
  3. The Voltaic Pile
  4. The Electric Pistol
  5. Two New Moons
  6. The Times
  7. The Observer
  8. Smallpox Vaccination
  9. Lithography
  10. The Rosetta Stone
  11. Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
  12. Mungo Park and the Segu kingdom
  13. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  14. Mozart Dies
  15. The London Monster
  16. Last Jig at Tyburn
  17. The Hydraulic Press
  18. Calorific Rays


From left to right:

  1. The Creation
  2. Enter Madame Guillotine!
  3. Gas Lighting
  4. Bifocal Eye Glasses
  5. Transportation to Australia
  6. The ascent of Mont Blanc
  7. The Hot-air Balloon

Finally even more historical characters will be added:

USA Historical Characters

  1. Henry Dearborn (General)
  2. William Hull (General)
  3. Josiah Harmar (General)
  4. James Wilkinson (General)
  5. Daniel Morgan (General)
  6. Benjamin Banneker (Gentleman)